Best upholstery service in Simi Valley

Best Upholstery Service in Simi Valley

Located in Simi Valley, California, Simi Valley Upholstery has been in the furniture upholstery business for over three decades. We are a family owned & operated upholstery services company and are well-known to be the largest custom furniture maker in California. Serving mostly Simi Valley and its surrounding areas, we provide upholstery services to both residential and commercial establishments. Our team consists of professional upholsterers are continuously working very hard to provide exceptional upholstery services to our customers at the lowest prices than anybody else.

Our mission is to become the best upholstery service in Simi Valley and its adjacent areas. When you hire us, we can guarantee that you will be working with a team of experts and professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver the best upholstery in Simi Valley.

Our Services

Are you worried about the ripped or a cigarette burn in your car seat? Are you thinking about replacing or refurbishing your leather chair? Has the leather seat covers in your car cracked or torn? Are you looking for a professional upholsterer to restore the yacht seats or cushions back to its original condition? We have you covered! Visit Simi Valley Upholstery and talk with one of our staff for a free estimate.

At Simi Valley Upholstery, we provide the following services:

Furniture Upholstery:

We can repair, restore, or replace any furniture so that you can that brand new look for your furniture. If you have an antique couch, chair, or any other kinds of furniture, don’t throw it away. Simply bring it to us, and see for yourself how our upholstery craftsmen repair and restore that furniture into a brand new one. We provide the best upholstery service in Simi Valley to residential and commercial entities including hotels, bars, restaurants, schools, diners, casinos, and more. Many hotels use our upholstery restoration services to repair and upgrade their properties with the latest interior designs and saving them large amounts of money and time. We are currently working with some largest hotels and casinos in the country. They tell us we help them

Auto Upholstery:

We can repair, restore, renew or replace the upholstery on your car, truck, RV, motorhome, boat, or yacht. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in restoration of the interior of your car and can transform your existing auto upholstery to “better than factory new” condition. We can also provide custom upholstery auto service so that you can upgrade your car’s interior to the design you have always wanted.

Motorcycle Upholstery:

We can repair, restore, renew, or replace the upholstery of your motorcycle seat. We specialize in restoration/upgrading of all kinds of motorcycle seats that will change the look and feel of your motorcycle. We can fully assure you that your finished motorcycle seat will be better than ever.

Recreational Vehicles:

If your RV (recreational vehicle) requires upholstery repair and/or restoration, we at Simi Valley Upholstery can help you out. Our craftsmen have years of experience working with recreational vehicle or motorhomes. So, if you want any help with repairs and restoration of your recreational vehicles and make your recreational vehicle to “like new” condition, call us.

Boat Upholstery:

Boat upholstery requires constant repair and maintenance. If your boat upholstery has tears, or has worn out and needs to be upgraded, we are the upholstery company to call. We have extensive experience working on boats and yachts of all sizes and shapes. We will always repair and/or restore your boat or yachts to its “like new” condition on-time and on budget.

Why Choose Simi Valley Upholstery?

At Simi Valley Upholstery, we have been in the upholstery services business for more than 30 years serving all kinds of residential and commercial properties. For us, no job is too small or too big or too complicated for us. We are reputed for designing and manufacturing the highest quality upholstery and one of the best upholstery service in Simi Valley. All of our upholsterers adhere to the highest craftsmanship and are trained in traditional as well as modern upholstery skills ideal for upholstery. Delivering the best value to our clients is what has made us a household name in the upholstery industry. All of the upholstery is designed and made in our state-of-the-art studio. Our team has over 30 years of experience in repairing/restoring furniture and auto and boat upholstery for homes, hotels, mansions, and all types of residential and commercial properties throughout the US.


We are committed to providing personalized hands-on customer services and all our services are competitively priced. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Over the past several years we have completed hundreds of projects with hundreds of satisfied customers. All of our products and services come with extensive guarantees including comprehensive manufacturers’ warranties nationwide.


If you are looking for the one of the best upholstery service in Simi Valley with the guaranteed assurance of exceptional workmanship and quality, call us now to schedule your free, in-home consultation.

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