Restaurant Upholstery Simi Valley

We have upholstered more restaurants in Simi Valley than any other upholstery company.

Restaurant Upholstery Simi Valley in Simi Valley takes a unique panache to understand what your customer is looking for and what your expectations are.  Most restaurants work on a smaller profit margin and cost conscious with fixture investments. Upholstering your restaurant in Simi Valley is not any different, we need to determine what your budget is and what you want the restaurant to look like in the end.

Do you need a reliable upholsterer to reupholster your Restaurant Upholstery Simi Valley in Simi Valley?

We don’t ask you for the balance until satisfactory completion.

So therefore you know you are going to get your Simi Valley upholstered booths and dining chairs completed to your satisfaction.Restaurant Upholstery Simi Valley

Restaurant Upholstery Simi Valley does every type of restaurant upholstery. If you are looking to have your booths upholstered in Simi Valley or if you need your dining chair or barstools upholstered in Simi Valley, then you have found exactly the right place.  We are upholsterers who do all types of upholstery and reupholstery in Simi Valley.

Most restaurants that I have upholstered in the past have 4-foot booths and removable dining seats. Most upholstered Restaurant Upholstery Simi Valley in Simi Valley use black vinyl because it is inexpensive and durable.

One thing that most restaurants forget with their restaurant upholstery in Simi Valley is new foam. The more comfortable the seat is, the more likely the customer will stay in your restaurant and will continue to order more food and drinks, but the foam is not a cheap product.  Foam is petroleum based so the more you need, the more it costs, but if you get a good firm foam that is thinner, then it will cost less and still provide needed comfort over any other restaurant competitor of yours.

Included in the cost of your booth upholstery in Simi Valley is new webbing so that the customer is not sinking into the seat which makes it extremely uncomfortable. With the addition of webbing to give support at no added cost and new foam, your upholstered restaurant seats in Simi Valley will feel perfect for all your customers for many years to come.

All our residential work has a lifetime warranty so that the client knows they are getting quality. Upholstery shops in Simi Valley don’t offer warranties on commercial work, but we do. We have a one year warranty so that way we can make sure everything is perfect for you.

I do not recommend booth repairs as vinyl repair kits just don’t last.

I do recommend for all Simi Valley restaurant booth upholstery to have any damaged booth reupholstered.  A temporary vinyl patch won’t work, because the piece will look hideous and your customers won’t want to sit there.  The vinyl adhesive will not last very long which is why no Restaurant Upholstery Simi Valley company would warranty that type of work.  The good news is that it’s not too much more to completely reupholster your booth in Simi Valley because we are your neighbor and are close enough to you that we can come over and take care of any issues anytime day or night so as to not bother your clientele during your busy hours.

We hold all certification, licensing, and insurance for all commercial upholstery in Simi Valley plus all our vinyl, materials, and foam exceed the necessary state and federal laws.

Call me and I will give you a free estimate on your restaurant booth upholstery or repairs in Simi Valley, and if you have a chain, we are capable of going anywhere within Southern California.

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