Custom Upholstery Simi Valley

Custom Upholstery in Simi Valley,when done correctly is the highest quality furniture you can get in the world. Simi Valley custom upholstery completely strips your furniture and rebuilds it again, so it is new again, but done with the highest quality materials and workmanship which is why we have a lifetime guarantee.  Recently, I had a customer come into our shop for their custom sofa upholstery in Simi Valley, and we started to strip their furniture. Underneath their old fabric was even older fabric.  I took a picture of her previous sofa upholstery and texted it to the customer. The customer said Custom Upholstery Simi Valleywe upholstered her sofa out of the wrong fabric, and I told the woman that was the old fabric that was underneath her fabric.  She was in shock and horror as she explained how she had gone to another upholstery company in Thousand Oaks to upholster her sofa and those people went right over their old fabric instead of stripping the furniture the way we do.  So be careful, not all upholstery companies work the same way, and that is why Custom Upholstery Simi Valley is the only one in the industry to offer a true lifetime guarantee.

Custom Upholstery Simi Valley

means having your furniture done your way without spending a fortune. The only thing less expensive thancustom upholstery Simi Valley in Simi Valley is the cheapest Chinese furniture in the world.  So you either have the choice of the highest quality furniture in the world or the lowest quality furniture in the world for the same price.  Someone today was just asking me if we would lower our prices for them and I said we have not raised our prices in 10 years, that’s how we can guarantee the lowest price. In the alternative, furniture manufacturers look for the cheapest materials to provide the lowest cost to the consumer and are therefore making the cheapest furniture you can make. Custom Upholstery Simi Valley uses your existing frame, or we can modify, add, delete, or change your custom upholstered sofa or your custom chair upholstery in Simi Valley to be your dream furniture.

When guests walk into your home, the first place they go is your living room to find a place to sit. You can now have your dream furniture custom upholstered in Simi Valley.

So next time think of custom upholstery Simi Valley when you want your dream furniture for the lowest price possible. The furniture you will be living on every day of your life must be beautiful. We sincerely care about your happiness with your custom upholstery Simi Valley in Simi Valley.  If you ever have a problem or concern, you know that your furniture is protected with a lifetime guarantee so that if a stitch comes apart or something doesn’t look right we will fix or replace it for free forever.

Your Simi Valley custom upholstery is the greenest way possible to handle your furniture. Your old foam is recycled and turned into carpet padding, the old fabric turned into rags, and the frame and springs are rebuilt and saved to become the most beautiful highest quality furniture you have ever owned.

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