Simi Valley Upholstery is Simi Valley’s Oldest Upholstery shop. Originally started as a student from Simi Valley’s Upholstery program at our Simi Valley Adult School. We were originally located here on Easy St. and now have grown to incorporate all types of Upholstery right here in Simi Valley.

Simi Valley Upholstery provides a lot more than just Upholstery in Simi Valley. We have expanded to provide Custom Drapes, Blinds, Shades, Shutters, Roman Shades, Custom Bedding, Custom Furniture, Car Upholstery, Pillows, Cushions, Foam, Carpet, and Laminate Flooring.

2020 Best of Simi Valley Awards in the category of Upholstery Shop

Simi Valley Upholstery gives you the World’s Best Customer Service.

We genuinely honestly care about you as our customer. I don’t consider myself a salesperson because you are my top priority.  You are here with me in our local community, and it is our wish that you will help support our local community. We care about our community and our people. Our customers include Simi Rancho parks and rec., and our middle schools, Simi Valley Senior Center, the boys and girls club, and the Elk’s Lodge.

We are a direct workroom. We are the manufacturer. We do the work for about 300 different design companies throughout Southern California right here out of our little town of Simi Valley. You can speak to our workroom manager or have one of our certified interior designers come to your home to walk you through the process of completing your upholstery project, interior design, custom drapes, roman shades, or any home or mobile project.

If you want to upholster your dining chair at Simi Valley Upholstery, you may find that we are a complete one stop shop for your home’s interior.

Are you looking for upholstery fabric for your sofa or chair? We have the largest material library in Ventura County. We carry fabrics from every major fabric company in the world, and we also have a selection of closeout, remnant and discontinued fabrics that are always only $10 per yard. Our fabrics are very high quality and most of our upholstery fabrics at Simi Valley Upholstery come with a lifetime guarantee.

Simi Valley Upholstery manufactures all its Window Coverings on the premises.

We manufacture all our own Custom Drapes in Simi Valley. Custom design your own Roman Shades in Simi Valley.  We are one of only a handful of places that make all custom drapes in Simi Valley on the premises.  Come in for a free tour of our workroom and we welcome your questions.

Did you know Simi Valley Upholstery specializes in outdoor cushions? Most upholstery shops and outdoor furniture manufacturers do not know everything that is involved in making an outdoor cushion.  To make an outdoor cushion in Simi Valley, we must include UV resistant thread, plastic tubing for the piping on both sides of your cushion, Outdoor Dryfast foam, PVC zippers, fiber batting made for outdoors, and most importantly a solution dyed acrylic fabric.

How does Simi Valley Upholstery guarantee you the lowest price?

Simi Valley Upholstery is the workroom, we are the manufacturer, we don’t subcontract anything out, and everything we do is done right here on the premises.   Custom Upholstery is new. Simi Valley Upholstery only has master upholsterers. We completely strip the furniture and rebuild it again.

The only furniture cheaper than having your sofa or chair upholstered at Simi Valley Upholstery is the lowest quality Chinese furniture made in the world today. So you either have a choice of the worst quality furniture in the world or the highest quality furniture in the world for the same price.  However, custom upholstery gives you many added benefits.  You can make this your dream furniture, and we can add, delete, change, or modify anything you can think of for little or no cost because Simi Valley Upholstery completely strips and rebuilds your furniture, so it’s easy for us to change anything you want at this time.

When having your furniture upholstered at Simi Valley Upholstery, we want you to think of what you want.  Your furniture is the centerpiece of your home, it’s where everyone goes to when they walk in the door, and we understand this. We do everything the right way so that you can be proud of your home, whether small or large it will be beautiful.

Simi Valley Upholstery advertises that we can upholster anything!  We have a large workroom, and each one of us has our specialties. I am excellent at hand sewing and home furniture repairs. However, we also have specialists in car upholstery, antique furniture restoration, and motorhomes.   Motorhomes are unique because they combine both aspects of home and auto.  We can remake your window coverings, replace your flooring, and upholster your cushions and furniture inside your motorhome. Since we do both cars and home upholstery we are in a unique position to provide upholstery and motorhome interiors which just one person alone would not be able to accomplish. We have plenty of parking for your motorhome, RV, or auto, and all our premises are under 24-hour surveillance so that you know your valuables are protected.

Do you need to upholster your restaurant here in Simi Valley?

We are the very best Restaurant Upholsterers. We carry all types of vinyl nd fabrics to accommodate every setting, and we guarantee the lowest price on all our fabrics and vinyl.  All I need to match your vinyl is a sample of your existing vinyl, and I will be able to match up your existing vinyl for your restaurant booth upholstery in Simi Valley.  We are extremely accommodating for upholstering your restaurant in Simi Valley because we are local. As your local upholsterer in Simi Valley, we can either reupholster your restaurant at your location while your restaurant is closed or we can pick up your booth upholstery when you close and deliver and install them back before you open in the morning. We can schedule your booth upholstery in Simi Valley for a day and time that is convenient for you or when doing your restaurant upholstery during your slowest days or times such as Tuesday or Wednesday.

All you have to do is email us a picture to or call us and text us a picture to give you an immediate free quote on your sofa upholstery, chair upholstery, booth upholstery or restaurant upholstery.   We have our own trucks and drivers so picking up your sofa or chair for upholstery is insured and easy.

We offer the very best guarantee on all our upholstery services in Simi Valley. If a stitch comes apart or something doesn’t look right, we will fix or replace it for free forever. But more than that, we offer a 1-time unconditional lifetime guarantee. We were trying to think of how to give you the very best customer service in the world, and we figured out that we can repair your upholstery, repair your furniture at least one time unconditionally for free forever. So even if your cat ripped your favorite cushion or someone sat on your sofa with a pocket knife, we will fix or replace it unconditionally for free. Have you ever heard of such an upholstery service before? We are your local community, and we figure this is the best way to prove to you that we are here for you no matter what your concern is forever.