Sofa Upholstery Simi Valley

Sofa Upholstery Simi Valley is your local upholstery shop near you that can make you your dream sofa upholstered in Simi Valley to the highest upholstery quality standards in the world.

How would you like to have the highest quality sofa in the world while saving the environment and having your dream sofa which is specifically tailored to be the most comfortable for you, all at a price half that of anywhere else which could provide anything of even remotely the equivalent quality?

The only thing less expensive than custom upholstery is the cheapest quality furniture in the world.

New furniture is outsourced to China even from the from the best well-known name brands, then imported to South Carolina for assembly and shipped throughout the United States.  You can be proud that your sofa upholstery in Simi Valley is upholstered right here.

  Sofa Upholstery Simi Valley

is workmanship, and quality, it is our pride.  Too many of your friends probably have sofas made in China.  How many of your friends have the world’s highest quality Sofa Upholstery Simi Valley in Simi Valley and made right here?   My point is that every single person who comes in your home will be sitting on your sofa, right? Be proud of your home, spend a couple of extra dollars to keep your sofa reupholstery in Simi Valley, made in the USA by Americans like you and me.  Keep our jobs here and in exchange, I will give you a lifetime guarantee on all our work so that you know you are getting quality.  Made in the USA?Sofa Upholstery Simi Valley How about made in Simi Valley? We don’t skimp.  We have been in Simi Valley for over 26 years, and all our work meets Sofa Upholstery Simi Valley city licensing requirements, the Ventura County’s licensing requirements, the California Department of Consumer Affairs licensing requirements and meets all the Federal and State Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation requirements.  Did you know that sofas made in China or anywhere overseas do not have to meet any of those requirements? So what is really inside your sofa? Do you know the lead in your springs? Or the content of the thread? Or what recycled products are going into your sofa made from who knows where? That’s why I strongly urge you to come by and see how we completely strip your furniture and rebuild it using only the highest quality materials available made right here in the USA.  All our foam is locally made, and we only put sterile materials in your Sofa Upholstery Simi Valley.  We care, we are not like other shops that don’t let you inside their workroom or would have a big pile of dirt in your way.  We treat your valued possessions with respect, and your furniture is always in a clean environment.  Our pickup and delivery truck is clean, our warehouse is clean, our workroom is clean, and when finished your Sofa Upholstery Simi Valley gets wrapped and put in the center of our showroom floor because we are proud of our completed work. Also like Ventura Upholstery

Please come by, take a look, meet our crew, and shake our hands, we want to know you.

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